About Big Mane

Big Mane Beard Products was created for men who want to grow and maintain their beards. Big Mane Products are made from all natural essential oils and from fragrance. Big Mane was created For men who experience dry, brittle, patchy hair. CEO Greg Johnson who also suffered from these same issues within his own beard decided to create a product that would help to grow a healthy beard as well as a product to maintain moisture. That’s when Big Mane Beard Products were born. After countless months of research, the creators were able to create a growth oil that not only helps to grow the beard but also helps to prevent bacteria; as well as protecting and moisturizing the skin under your beard. Our Beard Butter will leave your beard feeling so moisturized and hydrated as well as leave a scent the ladies can’t resist. Big Mane is dedicated to providing education on beard care and making sure our products are nothing but the best for your beard.